Fishing vacation

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Cosy Fishing vacation on Northern Langeland.


Vejskrækgården is located on beautiful North Langeland where there are plenty of good fishing spots.

With its outdoor fish cleaning facility and access to a freezer, Vejskrækgården is an ideal place for sports fishermen / anglers going on a fishing vacation.

With its 9 apartmens a shared TV / living room and a Lounge, where you can discuss the catch of the day, Vejskrækgården is the ideal place for fishing clubs or other large groups going to Langeland for fishing.

Today's catch can be cooked on the grill.


Langeland is known for having some of Denmark's best trout fishing water.

Besides trout it is possible to catch cod and flatfish throughout the entire year in Langelandsbæltet, which can be reached by boat. A fishing vessel trip or just rent your own boat can be done in Lohals which is only 10 km away (~6 miles).
Langeland also has several put and take lakes.




Fæbækvej 1 • Fæbæk • DK-5953 Tranekær

Tlf. +45 62 59 14 58 • +45 23 11 41 58